Virtuous Women book coverVirtuous Women, October 2009; BookSurge Publishing

For all women who survived the fifties, or are interested in the lives and loves of young women of that era, Virtuous Women is a tribute to women who refused to be silent and learned that all that glitters is not gold.

Prior to the social revolution, a decade before there were civil rights or anyone dreamed of the Beat Generation, America was a strict and conservative place. As the Cold War raged, suburbia blossomed and nuclear families imploded, choices for women—even smart and savvy ones—were truly limited. Even in the socially repressed 1950’s it was a time of progress. There was television, music, and the New Look, but any forward step for a single, unmarried woman was hard fought and well deserved. It was not a matter of having it all—it was a matter of duty and protocol as June, Kate, Rebecca and Sue Ann soon learn after graduating from nursing school. June marries soon after graduation and in tune with the times moves to a split-level in the suburbs. The remaining three take residence at Kenwood House, an old mansion situated in a rapidly changing neighborhood in Chicago. Together they walk a parallel path as they mature, grow and survive in an era when appearances are more important than truth.  In time each comes to realize the danger of hidden truths and will join forces to speak out against the turmoil that rages beneath false images. They will refuse to be part and parcel of the silent generation.


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