writing the past

April 27, 2010

Yesterday I was thinking about what to include and exclude from the memoir. Writing can be hard work. What images come to mind that are meaningful? I have an image of a child in a crib. I know that child is me. I am crying and my face is to the wall. There is an old nursery game. ‘Walter, Walter wallflower growing up so high we are all children but we must all die, except for (and a name is given) fairest of us all, she can dance and she can sing and she can knock us all down. Fie, fie. fie fie shame, turn your face to the wall again.’ Because my face is turned to the wall it seems I did not expect rescue from this strange crib in this strange room. I know now that I was left with strangers because my mother had to go to work. I have looked for the meaning of the nursery rhyme and game but although I have a list of the meanings of lots of them, this one never shows up but I know it exists just as I know the image is real.


One Response to “writing the past”

  1. Julia Says:

    Great post again. It made me think about the nursery rhymes I grew up with as a child and how much I loved them and how now hearing them as an adult they seem so gruesome.

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