Knitting and writing

April 24, 2010

Last week I came across a sweater I had almost finished a long time ago. The pattern was titled Marge’s Alpaca Jacket. Well, I thought if I am not going to write, I can at least finish this sweater. My mission this year is to finish things. I look over the knitting project and see I have finished the back and the two fronts but on a closer look I see that I have knitted both sides of the front the same so it would only do for a person with both arms on on the same side. I’ve seen people bring these sad sweaters to the knit shop. There is a notice on the knit shop wall that asks if you had a bowl of stupid for breakfast. I must have had more than one because the project just gets worse. After I rip and fix one front and I relax and move on to the sleeves. I knit away but when I measure the second sleeve next to the first I see that something is wrong. I have knitted a third front. Again I rip and fix. Now the sweater is ready to put together. I lay it all out but again something looks not quite right. While knitting one front I must have changed to a smaller needle. Why? I have no answer. Oh but I do. I had chemo brain. It is a proven fact that strange things happen to the brain during chemotherapy. This project should be renamed chemo. brain jacket. Could this be a lesson for my memoir? I will think of the scattered chapters as bits and pieces that can be ripped, fixed, and put together in a way that makes sense — a way that fits.


One Response to “Knitting and writing”

  1. Margaret,

    I love your witty sense of humor! That post made me smile:-)


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